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The Ultimate Hip Hop Sounds & Drum Kits

The Ultimate Hip Hop Sounds & Drum Kits

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If you've been looking for the perfect music tool that can shoot up your business charisma then you've come to the right place. You now have the opportunity to watch over my shoulder as I show you the amazing possibilities of this music business booster. I know you've been dreaming of an illustrious music business, and I am here to make your dreams an absolute reality.

Lets face it! Professionally crafted beats are epic, capable of increasing your customer base, building more music credibility and establishing better competitive advantage. That's a proven FACT.

Right now, we are all looking for ways to increase music sales in a sluggish economy, and improve customer loyalty. Nothing helps sell a music more than a high quality rhythmical beat and sound.

You see, in today's world of music commerce... a well produced musical sound is worth more than a hundred or thousand words Like most producers, your basic aim in the industry is to convert people into regular listeners of your music.

I've got a question for you today, Are you willing to neglect your previous failures and jump-start your music business with the best-sounds and highly-converting beat collections? Well, Im sure you do And that is just what I am here to give you.


Over 700 Hip Hop Drum Kits And Sounds

Loaded with crispy clean mastered sounds by Multi-Platinum producer Choo The Specializt unleashing his original hip hop drum kits and sounds for you to use in mp3s and wave files! The Ultimate Empire Vol.1 is packed with hard hitting drums and unique sounds that will rattle your speakers!

Heres A Sneak Peak At Some Features Of The Ultimate Empire Hip Hop Vol.1

41 Dirty South 808s 52 Voices & Chants 61 Claps 35 Efxs 61 Hats 61 Kick Drums 146 Snares 72 One-Shots Efx & Sounds 64 Game Sounds 24 Ultimate Misc Samples And lots more

For a VERY LIMITED time I will allow the next few people to get this unique musical kit at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICE OF...$29.99

Dont Worry The price above is just a drop in the ocean compared to what you will gain from this unique music kit.


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A&R Chuck Anderson


A&R Business Consultant/Konvict Muzik/Universal Records Chuck "The CEO" Anderson

"The P.B.A. is a great networking event for all music professionals! The producers get an awesome opportunity to auction their beats to artists, songwriters, and my fellow music executives in attendance. The panel has experienced music professionals that share valuable music industry knowledge they've gained over the years through their personal journeys with the attendees. As a panelist last year and this year, I highly recommend this event and encourage everyone to come out. You won't be disappointed!"

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